I was as mad as anyone after last nights loss.  I was frustrated, hurt, devastated and felt as if my world had collapsed around me.  Like clarkpojo, I too no longer wanted to be a Jazz fan (at least for he next 22 hours.)  I told Shums that during tonights game I would cheer for LBJ and LBJ only.  But, he replied with certainty that I would be back here at the Dunk tonight along with everyone else cheering on the Jazz.  He was right.

This morning I woke up and I felt as if all was not lost.  There was still a glimmer of hope.  I wasn't quite sure what that hope was, but soon news came that Matty wouldn't be playing tonight and that was all the assurance I needed.  I KNEW the boys could pull out this win and that the sixth man tonight would need to be us.

I promptly went and put on my pink, sparkly KK t-shirt wishing there was something more I could do to help cheer MY team on from so far away.  There is something though, I can ask all of my fellow Jazz fans to go put on their gear.  GET DRESSED.  OUR team NEEDS us more now than ever before.  So, whatever the outcome of tonights game, we will know that we did everyting in our power to help the team win.

(And, since we all 'know' that the Jazz men read this website, I hope that this will inspire them and give them the boost that the need to overcome the setbacks they face tonight.)

GO Jazz!!!!!!!!!!!  We're with you all the way!

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