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Utah Jazz @ Cleveland Cavaliers - Game Thread - LeBron goes for 85

Here's who's out again,

Deron_medium Ak_medium Memo_medium Collins_medium Harp_medium

Except Harp is out for real this time. Collins is likely an emergency player.

Tell me, who guards LeBron tonight? Do the Cavs pull a Wilt Chamberlin and just give him the ball on every possession (you know, a little more than usual)?

Maybe I'm having delusions of grandeur, but I think we see a more competitive team tonight from the Jazz. They play to the level of their opponent, so we should see them pick things up.

But to have a chance, the Jazz have to run the offense and stop taking so many jumpers. I've said before, you know when they're running it right when everyone is getting layups off picks.

And even thought they should have beaten Charlotte last night, maybe it's not fair to heap too much upon them when they're missing three of their core players. It makes rotations that much tougher and it causes mismatches on both ends of the court.

We're going to have a huge mismatch tonight when we face the King. No one has anyone that can guard him anyway. But defending him tonight will be akin to throwing a water ballon on a forest fire.

But before you get too down, here's Danielle's pep speech.

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