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NBA Bloggers Power Rankings - Week 4

True Blue Jazz hosts this weeks power rankings.  The Jazz slip a bit this week, as well they should.  But they're still pretty high considering how poorly they've looked.  Here are my rankings and comments,

Rank Comments Nov17th
1 "You see?  You see?  They're not a machine." Lakers
2 A little shaky, but they're winning Celtics
3 Stern already has his Dream Finals matchup 2009 Pistons
4 NBA brawls have become cat fights Suns
5 Mo VP! Cavaliers
6 The Jazz are without 3 of their starters.  What's your excuse? Hornets
7 How much is Williams worth?  About 10 points a game.  2007 - 106 points a game.  2008 - 96 points a game.  I felt like just a "present" vote here because I have no idea how to really judge this team. Jazz
8 The Rockets fight like they play first-round series. Rockets
9 Hotlanta has cooled a bit.  Stupid global cooling. Hawks
10 Orlando will stay high until they hit the gauntlet that is December. Magic
11 3-1 for the week moves them up a bit. Blazers
12 Heat win notwithstanding, they can't afford to lose Calderon for an extended period. Raptors
13 What the hell are you doing up this high? Knicks
14 Bandwagon update.  Adding 5 electrons and losing 5 electrons = neutral. Heat
15 Chauncey Billups project - So far, so good.  Crap. Nuggets
16 If Gordon's on, Chicago will be tough. Bulls
17 Too much talent not to contend.  They'll mesh and be tough. 76ers
18 Pushed the Celtics.  One player away. Bucks
19 Could the Parker and Manu injuries hurt them enough to miss the playoffs?  As long as they have Duncan, they have a shot. Spurs
20 Big losses and no quality wins this week. Warriors
21 Blew huge lead to 76ers. Pacers
22 They were at .500 just 4 games ago.  Too bad they couldn't win any of those four. Grizzlies
23 Already out of the playoffs with the way the teams ahead of them are playing. Nets
24 Avery preached D when he was there.  Now they're back to the old Mavs and their O isn't as good. Mavs
25 Bobcats own the Jazz at home. Bobcats
26 Started out like they were going to pull off a few upsets.  Now they don't look like they'll win a few. Timberwolves
27 The Kings at 4-6 would get them the 8th seed right now.  West not looking so tough. Kings
28 Bill Simmons wasting money on Clippers season tickets brings me joy. Clippers
29 Wizzed all over Utah for their first W(izz). Wizards
30 Maybe Seattle should be happy this team relocated. Thunder