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Phoenix Suns @ Utah Jazz - Game Thread - FU Shaq Or is that Shaq FU?

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Memo is back and his father is progressing thankfully. But he won't play because the plane ride tweaked his back. If I were the Jazz owner, I would have paid for a charter that Memo could have slept in the whole way. Flying is bad enough. I can't imagine an NBA player having to fly international, even in first class. Collins gets the go because Shaq is in the ESA. From the Trib,

I've played against him for the past couple years," Collins said, "and bodied up with him and see if I can go out there and just frustrate him a little bit, just try and get him off to a slow start. If I can pick up some fouls against him, I will.

How's that working out? Not so well as Shaq has pretty much owned Collins. We'll see Kosta though and Fess has six fouls to throw at the Diesel.

But if Shaq wants to fight Collins and Harp tonight, I'm down with that.

Williams will be out again. And AK is expected to be back.

I'm not optimistic about this game, but crazier things have happened.

Sorry the game thread is late.

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