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Milwaukee Bucks @ Utah Jazz - Game Thread



Who knew Deron hunted?

Deron won't be playing this game, and neither will Knight. So we'll have Price start with anyone else that can handle the ball be his backup. Lots of AK, Brewer, and CJ. Although, I don't like CJ handling the ball as the PG.

The bucks will be out some players as well, namely Michael Redd. That's fine as he's torched the Jazz in the past.

Matt seems to think that Booze will get blocked tonight. Could very well happen. But he'll never know now that he's sans cable.

And this is one of my favorite NBA videos ever. Classic stuff

The Jazz will be shorthanded again (what else is new?). But they should be able to do well against the Bucks tonight with the front line of AK, Millsap, Boozer, and a little Kosta leading the way. Maybe KK2 will match up well against Bogut.

Check out Brew Hoop.