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T-Shirt update

The t-shirt post got linked to from Ball Don't Lie which drove up the Lame votes.  Notwithstanding, we got a lot of Yes Please! votes.  So I sent off for a sample t-shirt of the 8>3.

I received the prototype t-shirt last night and I'm impressed.  I'll have to fix the 3 on the shirt because it looks pixelated.   But it looks great and isn't just a shirt with the heat transfer on it.  The special ink actually gets sprayed on the shirt. 

Once I have the new one up, I'll post the link for you to shop away.  I'll work on some other designs with usernames as well and get those posted. And I'll be sure to have bumper stickers and the like.

Like I said in the original post, I won't be doing this to make money.  I'll be giving it all to charity.  I don't expect to make much really, so it might take a year before I have enough worthy to donate.  But Deron's golf tourney is a little less than a year away.  So maybe that's something to shoot for. 

And unlike Congress, I'll keep everything transparent with some frequent updates and just how much of each t-shirt is profit, etc.

I'll get a picture up of the shirt later tonight.