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NBA Bloggers Power Rankings - Week 5

These are late as was the game thread.  I was traveling most of the day and was sans internet.  Well, that's not entirely true, but I didn't feel like typing out everything on my little cell phone.  This week Bright Side of the Sun hosts the Power Rankings (if you haven't read them already).  Here's mine,

Rank Comments Nov 24th
1 They could easily go 14-1 over their next 15 leading up to their games with the Hornets and Celtics. Lakers
2 The only ones to stop the devil listed above? Celtics
3 LeBronx James Cavaliers
4 Will everyone finally be healthy this Wednesday? Jazz
5 T-Mac is shooting 41% from the field and nearly that from behind the arc.  Congrats Houston, you're paying $20MM for a three-point specialist.  And there are 42 players that have a better 3-pt shooting %.  I'll take AK's $15MM any day. Rockets
6 Howard gone in a sign and trade deal in 2010? Magic
7 Garnett and his former team delivered back-to-back beat downs. Pistons
8 Nash throwing oops to LeBron in BY in 2010? Suns
9 Lots of youth that hasn't quite bonded. Blazers
10 Boy rough week.  You had to play the Kings AND two games against the Thunder? Hornets
11 Won @ SA, something the Jazz still can't do. Nuggets
12 Ice Age 3, The Cool Down continues. Hawks
13 Four wins in a row this week?  Were  they getting some insider information? Mavericks
14 Here come the Spurs still minus their two stars. Spurs
15 The Knicks are beating you!  The Knicks are beating you! 76ers
16 Bandwagon update, no change. Heat
17 Get out of the East if you can't take the Heat. Raptors
18 If Derek Fisher gets booed at the ESA, what do you think will happen to you Derrick Rose? Bulls
19 I can't believe I'm siding with Marbury.  "Listen Stephon, I know I couldn't care less about you other than your expiring contract.  But we forgot you have to have 8 players.  Mind suiting up for us?" Knicks
20 What's wrong with Vince?  Why isn't he in full-fledged tank mode? Nets
21 Please trade Bogut to a franchise that will appreciate him. Bucks
22 Memphis is going to be at least one shade of blue for a long time. Grizzlies
23 Impressive win, close losses. Pacers
24 Warriors
25 vote  Kings
26 we  Wizards
27 stop  Timberwolves
28 at Bobcats
29 # Clippers
30 20 Thunder