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New Jersey Nets @ Utah Jazz - Game Thread - Human Highlight Reels

With apologies to Dominique Wilkins (although, he almost was a Jazz man), the past two games against Memphis and Sacramento have been nothing but top ten fodder. Alley-oops, lobs off the backboards for dunks, behind the back passes, big time swats, and a plethora of steals - these past couple of games have been the birth of the Great Salt Lake Show.

And all of this has coincided with the return of Deron Williams. Will the Jazz always play the Kings and Grizzlies of the league? No. But we're still not at full strength and look what we've done. You might want to discount what the Jazz have done against lesser teams this year. But that's exactly what you're suppose to do to lesser teams when you're an elite team.

So the Jazz train continues to pick up momentum and won't be stopped any time soon - unless it's by their own undoing.

I'll be at the game tonight trying to start a new attendance winning streak. I'm currently 7-1 lifetime with the lone loss to the Rockets in the playoffs last year at home.