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NBA Bloggers Power Rankings - Week 1

This week the fine folks at The Lakers Nation were given the unenviable task of trying to get a bunch of bloggers to vote and then to combine the votes and comments into a meaningful post.  Here are the results and my rankings are listed below.  Thanks to a couple of quick starts by some Eastern teams, the Jazz somehow drop despite being undefeated without Deron.

Rank Comments Nov 3rd
1 Man, I hate this team still. Lakers
2 Dropped one already.  Is the fire dying after getting their rings? Celtics
3 Three convincing wins Hornets
4 2-0 without D-Will. Jazz
5 Scoring a ton and giving up a ton?  That's not Piston's basketball. Pistons
6 Ok, they might be good. Rockets
7 Dennis Nedry is shaking in his boots Raptors
8 Crafty veterans Suns
9 Why do they do this to me every year?  They start out crappy and get me thinking that they're finally done.  They'll be back.  They always come back. Spurs
10 James and his subjects aren't getting the job done. Cavaliers
11 Rose is getting it done.  Still a bastard. Bulls
12 <Vader>Impressive</Vader> Pacers
13 Beat two Eastern contenders pretty handily. Hawks
14 Great expectations.  That book sucked too. 76ers
15 Is there a more meh team right now? Mavericks
16 Billups to Denver?  Bad for the Jazz.  Marbury to Denver?  Please, please, please. Nuggets
17 Grizzlies are impervious to magic. Magic
18 Where's your Oden now? Blazers
19 How many bandwagon stops are there for the Heat this year?  55? Heat
20 Beating the teams they're suppose to beat and losing to the teams that are suppose to beat them. Bucks
21 If you can correctly predict two games in a row for Minny, head to Vegas now. Timberwolves
22 Getting Arenas back won't even matter. Wizards
23 Getting Ellis back won't even matter. Warriors
24 Carter deserves every miserable loss. Nets
25 1-1.  You're not fooling me.  You'll be lucky to get one more win this month. Bobcats
26 I was worried when they won their first game.  Then the reality that is NY basketball set in. Knicks
27 Could easily start out the year 0-9 Clippers
28 You could stuff all your sorries in a Sac and it would still....  Eh, I got nothing. Kings
29 Could pick up a couple more wins this month. Grizzlies
30 End the season today and they're in the playoffs. Thunder