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How's this for a starting 5?

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With these two coming off the bench,

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How many games would that team win if that were the regular rotation?  Would they win more than this squad?

These are the only players that haven't missed time due to injury.  And Paul Millsap has never missed a game, ever.  Of course, those that have missed time haven't been out all at once, but pretty close.

But despite all that, the Jazz are just one game back for second in the division and conference. 

If COY of the year wre voted on now, Sloan would be right there considering everything.  Depending on how the Jazz end up, these early months full of injuries could enough to hand him his first COY.  Of course, he doesn't want your damn award anyway. 

Let's take a look at the injured list

Deron Williams - Since his second comeback, Deron has been looking to dish more than shoot.  That's to be expected since he's still hesitant to drive the lane and that's where most of his shots will come from.  But he's still averaging nearly 12 points.  But in his three games back, he's putting up over 14 assists a game.  But he's been slow on the defensive end, getting beat to the basket by other PGs.  This was evidenced against the Nets when Devin Harris drove by him at will.  It was if Harp was guarding him.  Of course, Harris went on to score 47 the next night, so maybe it wasn't all on Deron.

Carlos Boozer - Booze is still out with quad injury.  He could be back this week.  The way he bent his leg outwards probably would have shattered a normal person's leg.

Andrei Kirilenko - AK has a had a couple of injuries.  The first came with his sprained finger.  He returned only to injure an ankle in the loss to the Nets.  I was at the game and didn't see him return and didn't know why.  Shouldn't they announce those things at the arena?  If we can get an update on TV, then the announcer should let people know too.  He's day to day now.

Memo - Memo was out only after tweaking his back on a long plane ride back from Turkey to see his ailing father.  He was a bit rusty in his first games back but seems to be doing fine now.

Kyle Korver - That wrist seems to be much better now.  He was missing free throws and was off on three point shots.  He's looked much better the last few games (though he still keeps heat/pressure on it while he's sitting).

Brevin Knight - His injuries just seem to be tweaking stuff from playing 12+ years in the league.  I expect him to start missing more games just to give his legs a rest.

Jarron Collins - He's out at least a couple more months after opting out of surgery.  There's no guarantee that his elbow will heal on its own.  So he could still need it.  Would this be his last season in the NBA if he doesn't play again this year?  With Kosta's performance, Collins could be on his way out.

Matt Harpring - Whether you think he's a contributor or not, Harp's best days are long past.  His per 36 the last few years have actually been pretty solid.  But physically, I don't think he can take any more on his knees.  I don't know of anything else that takes more of a beating in basketball except for maybe your feet.  Once the knees go, you don't have much else.  He's got the competitive fire, but that doesn't do much if you can't move side to side or get off the ground.

Healthly or not, December is upon us and it's not kind.  We need people to get back soon lest we duplicate last year's dreadful run of 5-11.