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Utah Jazz @ Boston Celtics - Game Thread

Well, I'm glad my DVR crapped out. I was watching up until half time when I had to do things outside of SLCDunk. Set the trusty DVR to record the rest.

We were up 10 and they'd be putting away the Magic when I got back to start watching again in the fourth.

Well, the DVR didn't record the rest thank goodness. I was mad at first, but then I jumped on ESPN to see how much the Jazz had won by. What? They lost? I checked Yahoo because ESPN must have been having a glitch or something. There's no way they lost that game. And reading the comments in the game thread was even more depressing. Vromanite made the following quip, seconded by Shums,

Maybe we should switch names with the Magic blog on SBNation

Freak. There was no excuse for that loss.

What's happened to the ESA? Are we no longer storing nuclear waste in the basement? Are the fans at home to blame? If we can't win at home like we did last year, we're in trouble to say the least.

So how does all of that affect tonight's game? Doesn't mean jack. Why? Because this has probably been one of the most unpredictable seasons for the Jazz that I can remember. With all of the injuries, inconsistent play, etc., who knows what's going to happen?

I don't expect it to happen, but if the Jazz were to go out tonight and beat the Celtics by 20, I wouldn't be surprised one bit. They lose games they should win and win games they should have probably lost. ESPN has a beat the streak game where you try to guess the outcomes of particular events. If you correctly answer so many in a row, you win. Well, if you could correctly guess the outcomes of three Jazz games in a row, you better go buy lottery ticket or head to Vegas, because you're hot.

The Jazz of course beat the Celtics last season at Boston after they had knocked off the Jazz at the ESA earlier. The C's were wearing their green unis at home because of St. Patty's day. The Jazz wore their home whites and got an impressive win. Deron Williams went for 32 & 8 including 18 trips to the FT line.

Like I mentioned above though, I don't expect the Jazz to win this game. I've watched a couple of Celtics games this year (because they don't show any other NBA games nationally) and they've looked downright scary.

On the bright side, they're due for an off game, right? They haven't lost since Chauncey and the Nuggets came in and handed them a 9-point loss.

Brewer will be back. Boozer will still be out. Not that either of those things mean anything.

Let's hear your prediction for the game and the score. Closest prediction is well on their way to becoming a psychic. Mine, L 107-95.

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