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Utah Jazz @ New Jersey Nets - Game Thread

I don't have to remind you what happened last time against the Nets. That was the last game I went to in person and the ugliest one that I've seen in person. That put my current losing streak to 2 games after having seen 7 wins in a row.

Devin Harris went off (he also went off against the Suns the next game, so it wasn't just the Jazz). Nobody really had a good night for the Jazz except Millsap & CJ. I love their contributions, but they should be supplemental to the big dogs. Although you could argue Millsap is becoming a big dog.

But Memo, I'm looking at you. I've written before, but Memo having a good game the past couple of years has been the key to Utah's success. In games where he's scored at least 15 points, the Jazz are 69-26 (.730).

Boozer will be out again tonight, so we'll need someone other than Millsap to step things up.

The Nets only have two guys on their team that you have to worry about. Vince Carter and Devn Harris score 43% of their team's points. If the '98 Utes can stop Carter and Jamison, then the Jazz should be able to stop these two.

The Jazz have a ton more scorers and a lot more options.

It's time to turn things around now. No more waiting on injuries. The Jazz have the team to beat the Nets easily. So let's get an optimistic prediction here:

Jazz - 107, Nets - 95

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