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Utah Jazz @ Chicago Bulls - Game Thread

The theme to this game is about revenge. Nobody wants anybody to get hurt. We just want a good old fashioned pounding. If you're just joining us, here's why:

1. Deron Williams comes down on Derrick Rose's leg on a three-point shot attempt. The good news is that Deron doesn't break anything and miss the entire season. The bad news is that the sprained ankle would sideline him for weeks and take months for him to come back fully.

2. In their first meeting this year, Larry Hughes gets woken up at the end of the game when a reboudn hits him in the hands. Being Larry Hughes, he wakes up and shoots the ball, the only thing he knows how to do. What he didn't know was what he was doing playing basketball at the time and that it was a game-winning shot.

So all I want for Christmas besides a title is for a blowout win and a Deron Williams dunk.

If they play like they've played the past three games (minus the first quarter of the Nets game), they should win this.

My guess, Jazz 110 - Bulls 91.

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