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Drink up

I wish the whole Boozer thing would go away.  But it's likely to get worse before it gets better.

The latest of course being that he denied even using the word raise,

"He (the Web site reporter) basically put that in my mouth. Without saying it in so many words," Boozer said. "He used that word (raise). I didn't even use that word. I don't even talk like that."

Of course he's referring to Chris Sheridan of  Throw another one under the Boozer Bus.  The problem is that Sheridan has the audio.  1320KFan has it here (mp3).

David Locke spoke with Chris (mp3) about the situation.  It was a weird conversation to say the least.  Chris acted almost as if Locke was making up the story about Boozer saying that he never said raise.

Then we find out last week that Boozer had asked for a trade last year when his boy Carmani was ill,

Miller said that after now-injured All-Star power forward Carlos Boozer learned his young son Carmani had been diagnosed with life-threatening sickle cell anemia, he requested to be dealt somewhere closer to where the child was being treated in the family's offseason home of Miami — an area much more conducive to recovery than higher-altitude Utah.

But Carmani got better and the trade never materialized.

And now of course Boozer is going to see a specialist on December 29th and get a third MRI.

The bad news with all of this is that should his injury be the worst case and require surgery, is that he's likely to pick up his option for next year.  He won't become a free agent after being out most of the year due to injury.  Even if he comes back in a month or so, he would have to have monster stats the rest of the way to get the contract that he wants.

If he picks up his option, it could be bye-bye Millsap.  The only way around that would be to trade Boozer or trade AK. 

I'm not a salary or CBA guru by any means, so please correct me if I'm wrong with this.  It could get ugly if Boozer waits to see if he'll pick up his option.  I don't know when he has to do that by.  Millsap will likely get an offer from another team early in the FA period.  The Jazz have 7 or 10 days to match?  If Boozer takes his time, the Jazz would have to make a decision on Millsap not knowing what Boozer is going to do.  Boozer could potentially stick it to the Jazz either way.  He could say that he's going to opt out and then after the Jazz have signed Millsap, Boozer decides he's going to stay.  The reverse could be true.  He could say he's going to stay, they let Millsap go, and then Boozer opts out anyway.

Like I said, I don't know if that's how it could work out or not.  I sure hope not.  Pleaes tell me I'm wrong.  The best bet may be to trade Boozer regardless and get what you can for him.  There's likely a team trying to get under the cap for 2010 that will take on his deal.

So if you prefer to have Millsap over Boozer, you're praying that Boozer heals quickly and puts up great stats.

Don't think that any of this has even scratched the surface of what's really going on.

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