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It's not lame, it's the 10 days of Christmas - New CEO

On the 5th day of Christmas, the Utah Jazz gave to me... New CEO.


Just as most have only known Jerry Sloan as the coach of the Jazz, most have recognized Larry H. Miller as the owner.

On July 17th, Larry announced that his son, Greg Miller, would be taking over as CEO over the Miller empire that includes car dealerships, restaurants, Miller Motor Sports Park, and of course the Utah Jazz.

The upper management of the Jazz has gotten a bit of a face-lift the past couple of years. Randy Rigby was named team president in 2007.

The sudden appointment of Greg Miller to CEO seemed to coincide with Larry's sudden health complications stemming from his diabetes and other issues.

Larry revealed later on his weekly radio interview that while he was in the hospital, the Miller family decided it was time to hand the reins over to Greg.

When Larry was released from the hospital, he held a news conference stating that he had been very near to death.

We saw almost immediately the impact of Greg on the Jazz. C.J. Miles had just received an offer sheet from the OKC Thunder for 4 years, 3.7 MM per. The Jazz were expected to let C.J. go and Larry stated that had he still been CEO, he would have. But the Jazz matched the offer and C.J. ended up getting his long-term deal. Miles should be sending Greg an email every day for rescuing him from the disaster that is the Thunder.

So what changes will be coming with the Jazz now that Greg is in charge? Will he be willing to go over the luxury cap to keep players? He admittedly doesn't know a lot about the Jazz operations, but he's got great people under him and his father to help him learn.

The 2009 off-season should be a great test.

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