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Dallas Mavericks @ Utah Jazz - Game Thread

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Everyone keeps saying, "Just wait until everyone gets healthy." Is that going to happen this year? It doesn't look like it after Millsap sprained his PCL in the loss to Milwaukee. Are you kidding?

Injuries aren't suppose to be contagious.

I wrote previously that all of these injuries was just the universe balancing things out. After all, the Jazz had 17 years of pretty much injury free years from Stockton and Malone.

Now I'm convinced that this whole season has been orchestrated by the basketball gods to get Jerry his first COY award. Because if the Jazz can somehow scrape through the next couple of months and still finish at the top of the division, he has to win it, right?

Have you looked at the standings lately? The Jazz as it stands now are out of the playoffs, yet they're only 1 1/2 games back of the division lead and 2 1/2 games out of the second spot.

And let's face it, the playoff race is an eight-team musical chairs with 9 teams vying for those spots. There's been a separation in the conference and the bottom six teams aren't going to be in the race at all.

See, I'm trying to throw a little optimism in what's been a unbelievably unlucky season. Really, has there been a team that has had this many significant injuries to their lineup? I'm not saying that as a "woe is me" statement. I can't think of another team in recent history that has had something like this hit them.

Are there any statisticians out there? What are the odds of this many injuries of significance to one team in one year? Do hockey or football teams even get this many?

Take a look at our front-court that will be out for this game,

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What is that? Like 30 rebounds a game? We don't even have Collins that can provide a big body.

So what do you do if you're playing for the Jazz? I say turn back the clock tonight and play like the Suns circa 2006 and run all night long. I know Sloan wants the D, but I say just run the Mavs out of the building. Everyone left to play can run, right? Okay, maybe not Fess. But everyone else should be running everywhere tonight. Play like the 2004-05 team live you've got nothing to lose.

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