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Philadelphia 76ers @ Utah Jazz - Game Thread

There's too much to catch up on. Too much I'm behind on already. We did screwed in Houston. No excuses though. A made free throw by Fess or Brewer and we win the game.

You have to admire the play of the team the past few games. I emphasize team. They're playing great together and the youngsters most of all, as has been stated here and elsewhere, are getting crunch time minutes which will battle test them for the stretch run and the playoffs.

As reported by Steve Luhm via BC7, Memo will be back tonight. WIth Okur starting and Koufos coming off the bench, we're in good shape.

Up tonight are the 76ers. The Jazz took it to the underachieving Sixers when they met out east winning 93-80. WIth Brand out, the Jazz should win again tonight.

Let's get another one.