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8>3 Shirts and more

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They're finally here. The 8>3 T-Shirts are ready to go.

8greaterthan3-2_medium 8greaterthan3-1_medium

8greaterthan3-3_medium 8greaterthan3-4_medium

There's actually a lot more than t-shirts. With all of the online print shops, you can slap pretty much anything on anything you want. And since it's just as easy to create all of them at once, I just selected everything and put the 8>3 logo on them. So you have everything from shirts to hats to bumper stickers to even cutting boards. I've set it up on three sites,

The shirt I ordered was from PrintFection and looked very good.. The other sites use the same printing techniques so I would expect they would be similar. I put it up on three different sites in case you had a personal preference. Also, while all of them have shirts, they all offer varying other items. I haven't tried out the dark shirts, so I don't know they'll look. I should order one to make sure. So maybe hold off on those.

All of the money earned through these will be donated to a charity to be determined. BlazersEdge recently did something where are sending a bunch of kids to a Blazers game. Something like that's an option. Or it could be dontated to Deron's charity, the Point of Hope. I will not be making any money on this. SBNation already pays me a small fortune for my services :). If you have any other ideas, please email me or leave a comment.

The profit earned on each of the items is 10% except for PrintFection which is a flat $2 on each item.

I've set up a permanent page and will have a link on the main page with a running total of funds earned.

I'll be adding more designs in the future.

It's Christmas time and it's for a good cause. So make sure to by lots and to give them to your family, friends, and Chris Paul lovers.

And make sure to create a FanShot with you wearing/displaying your 8>3 gear.