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Toronto Raptors @ Utah Jazz - Game Thread

I thought I was going to miss this game due to prior arrangements. But due to it being on ESPN, it got pushed back to 8:30. So I should still be able to catch the second half.

We're still in injury limbo. Boozer is still out. AK is probably out should play. Deron is playing but still rehabbing. It's too bad that the real life players don't come with the health meters their video game counterparts do. You can say you're 80% or 90% or whatever. But was does that even mean? Aren't 53% of statistics made up on the spot? Has Deron even dunked since he's been back? He's driving a lot more. But he gave up a couple of open dunks to RonnieB and CJ - which is fine. When you see him throw one down, then we can say he's back.

So if AK is back, all we're missing is Boozer for a mostly complete team (you can count Harp and Collins out if you want).

It's just hard to evaluate the team yet. One night they look amazing only to have them look flat the next. We all know what kind of team they'll be when everyone is healthy. I just want everyone back so we can stop talking about it.

Anyway, on to the Raptors. They just fired their COY from two years ago, Sam Mitchell. It came as a surprise to me. They were at about .500. But after reading up on it more, looks like the writing has been on the wall for a while.

So Jay Triano coaches for Toronto tonight. He apparently tried out for the Jazz but was beat by some Stockton guy. We'll if he sparks anything in the Raptors tonight. Everyone is worried about LeBron leaving Cleveland, but is their a bigger candidate to leave than Bosh? If the team is doing well, he might want to stick around. But he's going to get paid and might want to leave the northern franchise.

But somehow, having AK back gives me the warm fuzzies. He seems to have been the most consisten force we've had this season. I don't think the team will suffer from a lack of energy with him on the court. I don't know if you could ever accuse AK of giving anything less than his all.

ESPN will be parked outside the ESA with their NBA crew. If anyone heads down there, I'd like to see some pics. Speaking of ESPN, they sent out a preview of their new site today,


Looks pretty good.

And if anyone would like to call during/after the game and yell out their frustrations or excitement, please do at the Dial a Dunk number (801) 618-3336. Best message of the night gets a free 8>3 t-shirt. To win, you'll have to leave your username on the voicemail otherwise I won't know who you are. I'll post the .mp3's and let everyone vote. And if anyone would like to record a new voicemail greeting, let me know.