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Is this our 2009-10 team?

While we wait for Boozer to come back (probably Thursday), we're getting a good look at what a 2009-10 team could possibly look like. Has the team as constituted impressed you?

Right now the Jazz are 8-4 when Boozer plays and 5-5 without him.  Granted, you have to factor in other injuries such as Deron's, Memo's, AK's...  freak, has there been anyone without an injury?


The Jazz have a penchant for not rocking the boat too much.  So let's just say that everyone comes back next year except for Boozer, Collins, and Almond.  I'm sure there would be another rookie and a free-agent big man.  But is this the team that can compete for a title?


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Or does having Boozer instead of Millsap give us a better shot?

For the record, I'm squarely on the fence.  I'm a more conservative guy, so I like Boozer because I know what he's going to give me every night.  I know what I'm getting.

Millsap, while great, doesn't have the track record yet.  But in his 9 games that he's started with Boozer out, he's averaging 17 & 11.  But Millsap could be the second coming of Malone.  Their careers closely mirror each other.  Layden told Malone that they were going to trade Dantley and build the team around the Mailman, could a similar situation happen to Millsap?

Or do we keep both of them and trade AK?  I think AK has proven his value to the team and need to stay.  The $15M is still steep though.  It would be crazy to see him finish out his contract here given his huge deal and all the drama that has happened the past couple of years.

Of course, there are a million difference scenarios between now and then.  While the Jazz will try to keep as many as possible, they may not have a choice.  I certainly don't envy Kevin O'Connors position.

So who's it going to be?  Do you want Millsap?  Boozer?  Both?