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Mini-cap - Lakers @ Jazz - Game 3 - Round 2

This weekend is crazy and I don't have time for much of a recap.  Here's a few thoughts though.

  • Boozer's back.
  • Deron has got be be one of the toughest guys in the league.
  • When Memo's shot is on, it has a little less arc on it.
  • Laker's didn't get a big game from anyone not named Kobe.
  • The refs did their best to keep it as close as it was.  As soon as the Jazz would push it to 9+, out came the whistles.

Thanks to CB Jack at My Utah Jazz for pointing this out.  This video is Boozer and Deron getting interviewed.  First, watch Steve Brown behind them get snubbed by both.  I'm sure they had to get back to the locker room though.

But the best part is at the end when Deron is heading back.  A fan pinches Deron's towel as he's walking away and pulls it off of him.  Pretty Smooth.  Hover your mouse over the video to see the list of others.

Make sure to check out the game thread .  Great stuff going on in there.  Sign up and start chatting.  It's the best way to do a game if you're watching from home.

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