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Game thread - LA Lakers @ Utah Jazz - Game 4 - Round 2


What was suppose to be the game where the Lakers were going for the sweep, turns into a game where we will see a turning in the tides.

With a Jazz win, it now becomes a three game series. And although the Lakers might have a better team, a best of three series is as close to an NCAA tournament upset-type atmosphere as you'll get in the NBA. A Utah win gives them a very real chance of upsetting Mr. Sterns LA/Boston ratings bonanza. I didn't really believe in the Lakers/Celtics conspiracy until I saw the following in ESPN the mag,


Okay, so the title is a little off, but they were both in there.

On the other hand, an LA win will pretty much seal the deal for them. Jazz fans can start planning on the annual locker room contest clean out.

It's going to take as good of a game from the Jazz as game three, if not better. It's Sunday primetime for the NBA and the Lakers. They won't want to see their MVP fall two years in a row.

Expect a lot more questionable calls and for the Lakers supporting cast to play better.

So come on Jazz, give the your moms/wives a great Mother's Day gift.