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Lakers @ Jazz - Game 6 - 2008 Playoffs - Game Thread

Well, this is the first time I've had to say that the season could end tonight. I don't believe it will though. It's actually the first time it's crossed my mind.

But we should know the outcome of this game after the first quarter. It's not rocket surgery, but when the Jazz start out well, it carries through the rest of the game.

Here's one of the problems we have on offense and I believe affects Boozer. When Brewer is in the game, Kobe plays 10 feet off him. He's begging him to shoot the ball. This causes a few problems.

First, Ronnie isn't taking it to the basket. If he has that big of a head start, he should be flying to the rim. If you're not going to shoot, attack.

The biggest problem this causes though is that it allows Kobe to hang out around Boozer on D. So Booze can't get good position. Booze has got to be better at finding the open guy when he's doubled.

Second, Bryant doesn't have to play defense and he can rest his sore back. The only time Ronnie is scoring is when he's cutting along the baseline because Kobe can't keep up.

And Brewer has to play off Kobe a bit. Let him take those jumpers. He's not making them. Kobe didn't take a jumper in almost the last two quarters.

I think Ronnie still does a decent job on him. But I want to see CJ Miles come in to guard Kobe instead of Harp. CJ can shoot, drive, and will open things up for Booze. #15 should not see action tonight unless him and Collins are in mop-up time.

I'm not a basketball strategist by any means. But if Kobe is spooning Boozer when Brewer has the ball on the wing, shouldn't Carlos be screening Kobe and letting Brewer drive to the hoop? If Booze's man leaves him, Carlos just spins, boxing out Kobe, and leaving him open. If not, Brewer has a clear path to the hoop.

And we all know Gasol likes to pitch tents in the lane, but he's a wuss. Just give him one hard foul at the beginning of the game when he comes across. Something that puts him on the ground but doesn't get you tossed. Isn't that what we have Collins for? He might think twice about camping in Utah.

These teams are too close and the only advantage they have is homecourt. This series won't end until Monday night.

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