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There is no defense for the Mailman

Due to the recent NFL draft, an ten-year-old story has come to light again with new details.  Demetrius Bell was drafted by the Buffalo Bills last weekend in the NFL draft.  Demetrius is the son of former Jazz great Karl Malone.

The two biggest disturbing details are that one, the mother of Bell was only 13 when she was impregnated by Karl.  And two, apparently Malone doesn’t want anything to do with his son.  Bell didn’t even learn Karl was his father until he was 18.  How’s that for a revelation when you’re 18?  I’m sure Malone knew about him for most of this time yet when the two met, Karl told his son, “It was too late for him to be his father and that Bell would earn his money on his own.”  I’m sure that’s not the extent of the entire conversation.  And I don’t think the kid was looking for a handout.  But’s that’s amazingly obtuse of Malone.

As much as you might be inclined to defend Karl on this, there’s no excuse.  He’s accepted his daughter Cheryl Ford and his other son into his family.  But Bell is just out of luck?  There are many more details and questions that need to be asked but it looks like Karl’s not talking.  Maybe we’ll hear more as Bell speaks out.  He seems to have a good head on his shoulders,

”Nothing against him, but I feel good at this time. If he would’ve been there, yeah, it would’ve been good. But if not, it’s even better,” said Bell, ”Everything’s a plus right now.”

It’s incredibly hard to have success coming from a one-parent household.  And it’s great that he was able to use sports to improve himself.  Bell’s also become close with his half-sister Ford.

It’s never too late to be a father.  That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.  He’s not after your money Karl.  And unless Karl mans up and becomes his father, I can’t be a fan of his any more.  We really need to hear from Malone on this.

If there’s any good that comes of this, it will be that Bell won’t make the same mistakes his “father” did.


PIC: Karl Malone eating at the Little America yesterday.  According to my Aunt, he licked the plate clean.  Maybe he is just cheap.