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Second Masonic Meeting

I’m on with Steve Mason again today at 4 pm MDT.  I’ll be going up against Lee from The Dream Shake as we discuss why our respective teams are a better matchup for the Lakers.  This has Jerry Springer written all over it.  Both Lee and I will be going back and forth while Mason and his audience are waiting for us to go at each other’s throats.  Then he’ll surprise us both with with an unannounced guest, John Hollinger.  John will then go on to rip us both apart with stats and analysis and tell us that neither deserve to move on.

Nah, should be good though.  We’re suppose to say why our teams match up better against the Lakers.  I might turn it around on Steve (if he or his producer don’t read this first).

Lee @ The Dream Shake

Listen Live

I’ll link to the podcast when it’s up.  And I’ll have a game thread up later as the game doesn’t start for another 25 hours.

Link to the podcast