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Preview - Houston Rockets @ Utah Jazz - Round 1 - Game 6 - 2008 Playoffs - Become the player you were born to be

Boozer. It’s all on you. You’ve dropped 41 on the Rockets before and we need that again tonight. The Jazz can’t afford to let the Rockets hang around late in this one. We need to put it away early and crush any hope Houston has.

Does anyone remember the last game of the season against the Spurs? We had just put the beat down on them in the previous meeting at the ESA. The Jazz went into SA and got blown out. The Spurs had it going from the beginning and the game was over before the Jazz knew what hit them. That needs to happen tonight to the Rockets. Go all out for the first 12 minutes. Don’t let them breathe. And then pour it on the rest of the game.

We really can’t play worse than the last game. The Boozer, the bench, and the rest can only go up.

It’s going to rocking at the ESA. Let’s finish this.