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Halftime update - Rockets @ Jazz - Game 6

Big time hit for the Rockets.  Rafer Alston won’t return to the game.  It sounds like he did something to his ankle.  You hate for them to lose a key player especially since you don’t want to hear from the Rockets fans if they lose.  But Houston actually went on their run to overcome a 19 point lead without Rafer.

  • McGrady has 28.  How are they going to handle him in the second half?  I don’t think you can just count on him cooling down.
  • Boozer came out with both guns blaring.  He was taking it to the rim and got Mutombo in foul trouble.  With Mt M. out, the Jazz went on their run.
  • Okur took it to the rim and got a dunk.  And everyone has been driving.
  • The first quarter and starting the second, the Jazz played great D and had quite a few steals.  They started relaxing on D and that’s when Houston got back into it.
  • The Jazz had almost as many points in the first as they did in the first half of game five.
  • McGrady dribbles the ball of his foot on a break and the ref calls a foul on Harp.  Out of position again.  The refs have been okay though other than that.
  • I like KK posting up on Head.  Great adjustment from the coaches.

Well, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what the Jazz have to do in the second half.  Play D, rebound, and keep taking it to the basket.  Now that Alston is out, they need to start throwing another man at McGrady.  The Jazz did what they needed to in the first, but couldn’t keep it up in the second.  Is it the rotation and the five on the floor that’s the problem?  Korver has been good, but we need some more Brewer.

Let’s get this done.