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Game Thread - Utah Jazz @ LA Lakers - Game 2 - Round 2 - 2008 playoffs


So let's get this going.

Apparently only CB Jack and I think the Jazz have a shot in this series. But to have a shot they're going to have to play four quarters instead of the T-Mac-like three.

They've got to knock down the shots they're given. They're getting open looks just like in the Houston series, nothing is falling however.

Is the LA arena ever rocking? It will come close it tonight when Kobe et al take the floor after the Black Mamba's MVP announcement yesterday. And are we still going to hear MVP chants from the crowd even though he's won it? Usually those chants are reserved for hyping up a candidate.

I'll say it again. We have to have Boozer attacking the rim all night; on both sides. The Lakers showed that they were beatable. If the Jazz can hang with them through the third, they could come on in the fourth and pull out the win.

If the Jazz win tonight, this series becomes the perennial "Real Championship" series even though it's happening two rounds too early.

Let's get it done.

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