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The site formerly known as

This is the right place. has moved to  But Basketball John remains.

I'm excited to finally be lauching the new site.  The content is still a little unpolished as I continue to add things.  But the features on it are great.  I wanted to get things going while the playoffs are still going.  Here's a few of things I'm looking forward to the most,

  1. Automatically updating comments and game threads.  You don't have to refresh or put in your name every time to leave a comment.  Once you're logged in, the comments in the post or game thread will update in realtime, no refreshing.  I'm a member of a couple SBN sites and game threads are great.
  2. SBNation is a great community of sports fans.  Once you sign up for SBNation, you can post on other SBNation sites as well (being civil of course).  We should be able to get some good rivalries going that way.
  3. I love tinkering with the technical stuff of, but it's a relief to not to have to worry about that now.  The techs at SBN will take care of that.  I also don't have to worry about going over my bandwith or CPU limits and getting shutdown by my webhost when I get linked from TrueHoop or the like.
  4. FanPosts and FanShots.
    FanPosts are for you to post news, polls, trade ideas, etc.  So if something major is happening or newsworthy, you don't have to wait for me to get a post up on it for you to comment.  Make sure to link to sources and don't just copy/paste from articles.  Cerntainly quote stuff and comment on it. 
    FanShots are a litte more informal.  They're quick links to videos, pictures, and other things.  Check there for your ankle-breaking videos from Deron or Danielle's latest stalking pictures.

You can find more information on all the new SBNation stuff here.  And a big thanks to SBNation for bringing me on.

If you haven't used a SBN site before, it will take a bit of getting used to, but I think you'll find you like it.

To kick things off and build up members, I'm starting a small contest where you'll be able to win a Jazz prize.  It will at least be equivalent to a hat.  So sign up if you haven't already (don't forget to add an avatar), and then click on the add SLC Dunk button on the main page under the logo.  Then leave a comment in this post letting me know you signed up and what you think on the new site.

Email me  with any questions.

Thanks again for reading and welcome to the new site.  I'll have the game thread for tonight's game up later.