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Preview - LA Lakers @ Utah Jazz - Game 3 - Round 2 - 2008 NBA playoffs

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Los Angeles Lakers
@ Utah Jazz

Friday, May 9, 2008, 7:00 PM MDT
EnergySolutions Arena

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Time to start the comeback. And I'm not talking about a late-game, fourth quarter, double-digit overcoming type comeback. I'm talking a series-changing, momentum busting, show them what Jazz basketball is all about type of comeback.

It has to start from the opening tip. We saw it in game 6 of the Houston series where the Jazz went all out for the entire game.

  • Deron will start believing that he is the One. He's got to realize about midway through the first whether or not the team has it. If they don't, expect him to take over early. He can take Fisher any time. You remember the guy that couldn't guard anyone last year? It's the same guy. He's not getting any better. Time for the student to kick his teacher's can.
  • Everyone's down on Booze. And rightfully so. We all know what he's capable of though. You don't just lose that skill. If he can get a couple of quick layups early, watch out.
  • Fisher and supporting cast can't shoot any better than they did in game 2.
  • Like I said in the recap of game 2, Brewer actually played Kobe pretty good. Bryant just hit some incredible shots. Those aren't going to fall again. He should be in the twenties though.
  • If we can get an influx of trolls, now you know why. My reply would be,


Win and this is a series. Lose and the players will start making vacation plans, again.

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