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A little more insight into the Derek Fisher situation

In addition to being an inspirational story, this article about about Derek Fisher and his daughter's condition sheds some additional light as to why he moved to LA after leaving the Jazz.

Probably the biggest statement from the article comes from Dr. Abramson concerning the impact that Derek Fisher's comments about his daughter's life-threatening condition,

“He has done more for the field, more for patients, than I have done in the last 30 years, of 50 lectures and 400 publications,”

Numerous lives and eyes have been saved as a result of Derek's actions.  I don't think there's any doubt amongst fans that he's a stand-up guy.

But for those that still think that moving to the west coast was fishy, we learn this tidbit,

The Jazz agreed to cancel Fisher’s contract last summer so he could move to a city where Tatum could receive follow-up care. She is examined monthly at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles by a longtime colleague of Abramson’s. The family visits Abramson every other month.

Could she have received the follow-up care in Utah?  Probably.  The Huntsman Cancer Institute is one of the best in the world.  But the physician in LA is a longtime colleague of their Abramson.  It at least makes a little more sense now.