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Billups withdraws his name from consideration

Well , this will end all the speculation. Chauncey Billups has withdrawn his name from Olympic consideration. That means we'll see Kidd, Williams, and Paul in Beijing. That will be an impressive set of PGs. Kidd has slipped of course, but there's no question he can still get it done. Williams played terrific in last year's Olympic qualifier. And Paul will allow the USA to mix things up a bit.

This combination was probably the least likely had Billups not withdrawn his name. I think it would have been Deron or Paul that got bumped. But I don't think any fan will be displeased with these three. In fact, Williams outplayed Billups last summer I thought.

This will most likely be Kidd's last Olympic showing. Williams and Paul will lead the team for the next two to three Olympics.

The official team roster is set to be named on Monday. Although I would have to think that most players would know by now whether or not they're going.

Great summer basketball coming up with the Rocky Mountain Revue, Las Vegas summer league, and the Olympics.