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Κώστας Κουφός

Kosta Koufos -  Your 2008 NIT MVP!

At first glance, this is just another same old, same old, typical stiff white center pick from the Jazz.  Whiteness?  Check.  Tallness?  Check 2.  Stiffness?  Wait a minute.  From the few YouTube videos I just watched and from the quick research I've done, he has some athleticism.

Everyone seems to be disappointed because we didn't draft one of the more marquee centers in the draft.  But none of those are going to be available at the 23rd pick.  I don't know why people expected the Jazz to pick up an Olajuwon in the draft.  We all know that we needed a defensive player in the middle, but with the available players, there wasn't anyone else out there that was any more of a sure thing.  And we weren't going to get a player that was going to contribute next year anyway.  The only way the Jazz fill their need in the draft is if Jason Hart goes Tonya Harding on Deron and we have a high pick.  Either that or someone is dumb enough to give us a lottery pick in a couple years.

So you were probably disappointed if you expected this draft to fix our defensive hole.  The only way the Jazz are going to get someone to help immediately is through a trade.  That could be either through trading for someone or trading two for one to open up a roster spot for a free agent.  That's another story though..

Back to the Greek, I mean American, I mean dual-citizen.  Are we going to hear more in the local media about how everyone thinks he's Euro than we did about Brewer's broken wrist?  I found this quote great from his Wikipedia page,

"Koufos holds dual citizenship of both the United States and Greece, but has chosen to play for the Greek national basketball team."

Because he was really was given an option to play for the US team.

I'm not saying he's going to be an All-Star or even a starter, but Kosta is no Ostertag or Borchardt as far as stiffness.  He can put the ball on the floor, he can shoot beyond five feet, and he's only 19. 

The Jazz might be the most boring team in the league when it comes to the draft.  But you know that they're not drafting anyone with any hint of a questionable character.  I mean, Koufos called Deron "Mr. Williams" for crying out loud when D-Will is all of five years older than Kosta.  I don't think this will end up being a draft where we look back in a few years and say, "Man, they should have picked DeAndre Jordan."  I just don't think there's that talent there.

One thing I am excited for is the Kosta/Fess era.  Two seven footers roaming the streets of Orem?  If there isn't a camera following them around for "reality" TV, maybe that genre is dying.  Shouldn't someone from KJZZ be jumping all over this?  Forget NBA potential.  The comedy upside from these two should be through the roof.  Does anyone know the relationship between Greece and the Ukraine?

This was a very-low risk pick for the Jazz.  If he pans out, their geniuses.  If not, big deal.  He'll be playing in Europe and we'll be preparing for the #3 pick in the 2010 draft.  Some projected him to be a lottery pick this year and would have had him in the top ten had he not come out until 2009.

I guess the other bigger part of this draft was the Heat drafting Beasley.  It doesn't completely quell the Boozer rumors.  But it you would have to think that if Beasely isn't traded today or soon, that having him there limits Boozer's options.  What I think happens now is that Boozer will pick up his option and wait for the new CBA to go into effect.  I believe they'll be able to make more money under the new CBA.  LeBron and Wade signed three only three-year deals for that same reason.

Up next, Deron Williams signs for the max and the key to the city.

Some other notes
- We now have another country that just converted to Jazz fans.  First came Russia.  Then Turkey.  Now Greece.  Looks like Italy is next.
- ESPN screwed the viewers over again.  They went to commercial break but didn't get back in time for the Jazz pick.  They just flashed it on the ticker and then showed a highlight when they came back.
- KOC said they had trade offers, but didn't elaborate.
- We have a new KK.
- Ante Tomic.  We'll never hear from him again.
- Tadija Dragicevic.  Ditto.

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