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If you read one thing today...

Then you're not reading enough.

But if you are only reading one thing today, read this.  If you don't read BlazersEdge, you're really missing out.  And as exceptional as his posts are, this one stands out.

You see great conversation here because this site was built around the idea that great conversation is vital to us as individuals and a community.  You have something meaningful to say.  You have an interpretation of our communal experience that widens our horizons and helps us understand the world in a different way than we would have had you remained silent.  Your voice as a fan, as a [Jazz] fan, matters.

The SLCDunk community is still young.  We might not have the biggest fan base, but we do have the best fan base.  And I'd like SLCDunk to be central to that.  It doesn't happen overnight of course.

But the only way that it grows to be that is from the users.  I can post and put up game threads, but really it's up to you to post  things you find and comment on other posts.  I try to start as many conversations as I can.  But if you've found something and I haven't got anything up yet on it, don't hesitate to create a new FanPost or a quick FanShot.  We've had quite a few good FanPosts and I won't hesitate to put them to the front page.

There are also some of you who have your own blogs.  Don't feel like this is a competition.  If you've posted something on your site, by all means, link to it here.  Put in an excerpt or two and post it.

And thanks again for everyone that reads, posts, and lurks even when the host isn't the mostest.