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Rocky Mountain Revue Rosters are out

Rocky Mountain Revue Rosters

Still nothing for the NBDA team, the Iranians, or the Jazz though.  What's taking so long?

Some notables:

Speedy Claxton.  What's a seven-year player doing here?  He's made $26 million in his career and still has $10 M left on his contract.  See what happens when you don't draft a good PG Atlanta?

Louis Amundson.  On again, off again Jazz summer-leaguer.  He was probably the second best player at last year's Revue behind Millsap.  Don't know why he can't land a solid deal.  He'll be fighting for a spot with GS.  With their team this year, he has a good chance.

Marco Belinelli.  They guy most Jazz fans wanted in last year's draft.  GS took him instead.  Looked like we missed out when he has a huge summer league.  But we didn't do jack in the regular season.

Jaycee Carroll.  Local boy done good.  He has an outside shot at making the NJ sqaud.

Brook Lopez.   The highest pick from the 2008 draft in attendance.

Anthony Randolph.  Another lottery pick.  He seems to be either destined as a steal or a bust.  No middle ground here.

Chris Douglas-Roberts.  Some fans wanted to draft him instead of Koufos

Roger Powell.  The former Utah draftee still trying to find a team.

Al Horford.  He'll be there, but won't see any action in games.

Gerald Green.  Part of the Celtics trade to the Wolves for KG.  I thought he had a lot of upside.  Now he's struggling to gain a roster spot.

Keith McCleoud.  Another former Jazz man.  Didn't play last year in the league.

So, there's no Kevin Durant or any other big name players.  I guess the league wants to keep this going but they're not making any big teams come to the SLC.  It's still great basketball and die-hard Jazz fans needing their fix will be in attendance at the SLC.

I'll update this as other players are added.