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Larry Miller stepping down as CEO


Just moments ago, Larry and his wife, Gail, issues a release announcing that son Greg Miller will take over the role of CEO of the Larry H. Miller Group of Companies.


The group says today's changes will not effect the management of the Utah Jazz or the Larry Miller Sports and Entertainment Group.

This doesn't have any bearing on the Jazz for now.  But it gives us some sort of idea as to where things will go when Larry gives up control of the Jazz (voluntarily or otherwise). 

LHM has of course been in the hospital for a while now with complications from diabetes.  Stepping down probably has a lot to do with that although they're maintaining that he will still play an active role in the company.

Let's hope that he gets better soon so that the future of the Jazz isn't in limbo.  And of course let's hope that he gets better for the sake of getting better and returning to a healthy life.