according to the desnews... Jazz and D-Will agree to deal.

There will be a press conference tomorrow.  Seems to be good news...


The Utah Jazz and point guard Deron Williams will make an announcement of agreement on a contract extension during a news conference that will be held Friday.

"There's going to be a great announcement tomorrow afternoon in Salt Lake City," said Williams' agent, Bob McClaren, from his Houston office. "One that will make everyone happy, I think."

The Jazz and Williams' camp have been discussing an extension on Williams' rookie contract since the negotiating period for doing so opened July 1. Length of the extension is not known but Williams is thought to have been contemplating a three-year extension that would begin in the 2009-10 season and include a player option on a fourth season of extension while the Jazz were hoping to extend him for the full five years allowable.

A max money contract, based on the projected $60 million team payroll salary cap, would start at $15 million per season for Williams with incremental 10.5 percent raises. A full five-year extension would be worth about $90 million. Jazz owner Larry H. Miller previously has stated he considers Williams to be a max-money player.

"We really do think the best is yet to come for the team and Deron," McClaren said. "It should be fun for the next several years."

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