The length of Williams' next contract will tell us a lot about the Jazz ownership

The fact that Deron Williams hasn't left Utah since the end of the season has shown that he has taken "ownership of the team" as the front office has labeled it and given Jazz fans hope that he will sign a five year maximum deal.  I don't believe there is any doubt that Deron will sign a maximum contract, but the amount of years on his contract could tell all Jazz fans a lot about the Jazz management.

In the several articles that have been done on Williams in the last few days, there are two quotes that have really shown me what D-Will is thinking:

"If we're on the verge of winning a championship," says Williams, "I have no problem staying here my whole career."

"I like it here, but, as a player, you want to see the direction the franchise is going."

Deron Williams likes playing in Utah.  He likes being the leader of the team, he likes competing in the playoffs, and he seems to like the environment.  But he is going to have some questions for Jazz management next week when he meets to discuss a deal.  The questions will come along the lines of "What are your plans for keeping Boozer around?" or "Would you be wiling to go a couple million dollars into the luxury tax if we could become a sure fire championship team?" or basically "What are you willing to do the bring a banner to Energy Solutions Arena?" 

I believe the answers to these types of questions will determine the length of Williams contract.  If there is one thing that is true about Williams, it is that he wants to win more than anything.  The money is nice, no doubt, but he is so competitive and tenacious.  All Jazz fans have seen that "no way we are going to lose" look on his face when he drives hard to the rim about six straight possessions for dunks and lay-ins.

As good as I think the Jazz are, they are one piece away from being legitimate favorites to win a title.  It may take some financially risky moves, not risky to the future of the team, but financially risky moves to give the Jazz the best shot of winning it all.  If there is one thing that will happen as an effect of the "go for broke" celtics winning it all, it is that teams will start trying to do the same and a lot of teams are going to be willing to spend to vie for the title.  What's an extra 5 or 10 million dollars if it makes you so special?  And the Jazz are going to have to convince Deron Williams that they are willing to take risks to help him out.  That is the bottom line.

In years past it has frustrated Jazz fans to see possible trades or signings go by the wayside due to some conservatism on management's part.  In their defense, sometimes the player has just spurned the idea of coming to Utah.  But the Jazz are so close right now that standing pat and hoping something good happens, probably isn't the best move.  And Deron Williams knows that too.

So next week when Slick Williams signs his contract, the whole Jazz fanbase will either take a big sigh of relief or else wonder what kind of anwers the front office gave the future of the franchise


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