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Sometimes it takes 7000 miles to get your swagger back

Since the disastrous 2004 games in Athens, the value of gold worldwide has more than doubled. But for members of the USA Men's Basketball team, the gold they earned Sunday was priceless.

The 118-107 win will elicit calls of, "It was a lot closer than the score indicates." And it was. But Team USA never trailed after any quarter. And they held off a late Spanish charge in the fourth. I had to vomit afterward, but I was rooting for Kobe in the fourth.

So the gold around the American's necks puts the earth back in proper orbit, brought peace to the middle east, and reversed global warming. Order was restored.

According to my count, that's 6 gold medals for players while with the Jazz ( 2 each for Stockton and Malone and now 1 for Deron and Boozer). I believe that's the most for any NBA team. Granted, Boozer didn't see as much time as the other three, but a gold is still a gold.

If you didn't stay up to watch the game, I hope you DVRd it to watch it later. While a blowout would have been nice, it was the kind of game you want to have so long as your team wins.

Some other notes,

  • Why were there so few American athletes putting their hand on their hearts during the National Anthem? And almost no one sang along. The only exception I saw to this was with the men's basketball team
  • Looks like Deron and LeBron are best buds. Maybe this photo from last year's playoffs was actually predicting the future?
  • Don't have to worry about Carlos Boozer getting overworked. Should be ready to go. Nor AK for that matter. Even Deron still looked fresh.
  • Wins over Argentina and Spain gives some new fodder for taunts. "We got gold!" I'm sure that there are others that are more creative than that. But when Pau, Manu, or others are on the line, something like that would be great to hear.
  • The Spaniards got away with a lot of shoves, etc. And Marc Gasol is a straight thug. I thought I had a screenshot, but when Wade takes the final shot at the end of the half, one of the Spanish players stepped under him. Wade had to be restrained a bit. And then when the game was in hand, lil Ricky started throwing a fit. And how many times did the Spanish bench have to be warned? They came onto the floor, threw towels on the floor, and never got a T.
  • Does 4X400 star LaShawn Merritt look like Millsap?
  • Now what are we going to do until training camp starts?