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Deron and Locke give us a Chinese history lesson.

Locke interviews (mp3) a hammered Deron Williams. They go over topics such as the length of the Great Wall, Deron's golfing, and hanging out with LeBron (Coming Summer of 2010 to the Utah Jazz!) and more.

These interviews always seem like Deron is uninterested. But from previous interviews, Williams seems to always be like that. And I think Shums said that they would rock/paper/scissors to see who would have to interview him. But added to the fact that Deron still has a timezone hangover, it's even better. The best quote was when Locke asked him what the gold medals look like. Deron's reply,

Gold, round.

Sounds like a Fess response. And at the end, Locke asked him if he "hooped" that day. Deron asked, "Did I hoop?" It sounded like the stereotypical white guy trying to use cool lingo while talking to a black guy exchange.