Trades that should be made this season

Here are some trades that would be beneficial to both teams this season.



If the Cavs were smart, they would put Vince Carter and Lebron James (above) together.


1. Wally Szczerbiak for Vince Carter- This trade would give the Cavs a formidable lineup to not only vie for the championship, but try to sway Lebron James to stay for the next contract.  The Nets would also be able to shed themselves of their last big contract and would have the flexibility to build a roster fit for a king.  preferably one ffom Cleveland.

2. Brad Miller for Adam Morrison, Raymond Felton, and Sean May- Miller to Charlotte would allow the Bobcats to move Okafor to his more natural power forward spot and give Charlotte a decent frontcourt and chance to make the playoffs.  The Kings would be able to shed Miller's contract and give Charlotte's three expiring contracts a fresh start and audition them for future employment. 

3. Ben Gordon for Jason Terry and Eddie Jones- Gordon will basically force Chicago's hand on a trade.  It is now the Bulls' job to try to get something for him.  The Mavericks could use some new blood and a shooter and Chicago could get a truer shooting guard in Terry to salvage Gordon's loss.  Of course, it would have to be a sign and trade, but Gordon can't expect to sign for any more than $14 a year.

4. JJ Redick and Brian Cook for Chris Wilcox- It's time for the Magic to let Redick find a place to make a name for himself and if they do it right, they might be able to get a power forward they have been missing so badly.  The Thunder Bisons might be willing to do it to get another  young gunner, especially if Wilcox doesn't fit into their long term plans anyways.

5. Zach Randolph and David Lee for Rasho Nesterovic and Marquis Daniels- I think it is about time that the Knicks accept the fact that to shed Randolph's huge contract, they will have to sweeten the deal with a piece like David Lee.  The Pacers are close to being a good team and could use a low post presence like Randolph, because even though he has a gaudy contract, he is still serviceable.

6. Stephen Jackson for Leandro Barbosa- I doubt the Suns and Warriors are jumping at the gun to deal with each other, but this trade makes sense for both teams.  Jackson would give the Suns a 3 point shooter and much needed defender at the 3 or 4 spot.  The Warriors are about to come to blows with Jackson over contract negotiations and pretty soon, they are going to have to trade him.  And every NBA fan would love to see Barbosa in a system that runs and guns like the Suns used to.

7. Reggie Evans and Jason Smith for Mike James- The Hornets need to make a move for a backup power forward like Reggie Evans or Udonis Haslem to vie or the championship.  The 76ers need a shooter off the bench and won't have much use for Evans or the injured Smith now that they have Speights, Young and Brand.

8. Matt Harpring to Memphis for a 2nd round pick-  Now that the Jazz have signed CJ Miles they need to clear some roster space to make some moves.  Memphis could use some veteran presence and has the cap space to take on Harpring a la the LA Clippers.  Then with the roster space, the Jazz can make another trade or else go for a midseason signing like the Celtics did last season.  I would think that going after Mutombo or Mourning (both unsigned as of now) for one last go at a championship might be a worthwhile move.

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