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2008-09 Utah Jazz schedule out

ESPN finally has it up. Nothing for the pre-season yet though.

UPDATE: Here's a printable schedule (pdf) from the Jazz that has the pre-season on it.

A few notes,

  • The Jazz open at home against the Camby-less Nuggets. I can't think of a better opener.
  • Apparently they're just Oklahoma now instead of OKC
  • The Jazz open up Nov & Dec with a 17/17 split for home/road games. Let's hope they make it through December better than last year. Otherwise we'll have to trade for another dreamy 2/3 at the end of the year. Is KK's brother draftable yet?
  • December is brutal again. 9 of 16 on the road against all the teams we struggle with. If they can get through Dec at .500 for the month, we're in good shape.
  • We don't see Houston until the end of December.
  • And we're getting screwed again in April. We play 6 of our last 9 on the road against Portland (March 31), NOLA, Dallas, SA, and LA. In fact, 14 of the last 23 are on the road.
  • Five games in 7 days to close out the season. You're killing me Stern.
  • Exactly 7 Sunday games, none at Utah of course.
  • Only 3 games against NOLA, Two are at home. Chris Paul getting embarrassed coming up on Jan 7.
  • Ross Siler doesn't get to have his wish of having Sloan at home for his 20th anniversary won't happen. It could get rescheduled. And he definitely won't be able to see Coldplay on Nov 22 as they're going to be in Memphis. The NBA probably won't schedule around that. If you're reading Ross, I'll take your place.
  • Looks like we have the Lakers at home right before the All-Star break on Feb 11. Deron should be in the AS game, but I would love for a snub so that he'll take it out on the Lakers.
  • Look at the February schedule for the team we'll be making a trade with. Because there's nothing more certain than trading a player and then playing against him right after that.
  • Looks like we have 11 nationally-televised games. That's got to be a record, doesn't it?

Still 2 1/2 months away from the regular season. But training camp will be on us before you know it and then it flies by from there.

So how many wins does this team as constituted get with this schedule? What games are you looking forward to?