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♪♫♫♪♫ You've been, ThunderSucked ♪♫♫♪♫

That's it?  That's all you got?  Our "Northwest" division foes in Oklahoma City revealed their new name and logo officially yesterday to little fanfare.

For one, their name has been known almost as soon as it was the official pick.  And their logo was leaked over last weekend.

I didn't really like the name Thunder.  It's in the same non-plural category as the Heat, Magic, and Jazz.  And I can only imagine the crap the team will get when they visit Golden State and the real Thunder mocks them.  But it would be fine I guess.  I thought they'd make it up with the logo and at least make it marketable.


Wrong.  Their new logo is the most uninspiring design I have ever seen. Bland font.   Generic basketball image that you find when searching Google Images.  Some sort of shield.  And WNBA-like colors.  And what are the orange and blue javelins suppose to represent?  It looks like the logo a video game maker would make if they couldn't afford the license for NBA teams.  Even they would come up with something better.

Seriously, would an NBDL team even use this?  Tell me it's not worse than any of these,


That's the problem when you're named the Thunder though, you can't see thunder!  I guess they could have used some sort of sonic representation for sound.  Wait, that sounds familiar.

Shouldn't there be some clouds or some other ominous signs of intimidation? Couldn't they just slap this on,


Now that's a logo I could get behind.

And who is designing these logos?  Was this a high school graphic art final semester project?  Okay, that was a little low.  The high schoolers would have put more thought into it.

This shows why a fan needs to be involved with any team decisions.  What fan wouldn't look at that and say, "Whoah.  What the hell is that?  That's crap."

Does anyone even care now about OKC in our division?   If they went independent, would anyone notice?  Their good players are going to bolt.  Maybe they know this and they're using a generic logo so that they can move again and not have to make any major changes?

I guess this is what we can expect though from owners that move their team from a city with a history, loyal fanbase, and major market to an uninspired location like OKC (It's OK, I can make fun.  Being from the other stereotypical bland location in the league, it's OK.  Just like certain ethnicities are able to make fun of themselves and not get in trouble).