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The Best Links in All the World, in All the NBA, in All the Universe... - 13 January 2009

Some thoughts on last night's game and other news of note before some links for today...

  • Check out Indy Cornrows for the Pacers recap
  • The Pacers got back in the game after being down 20 because the Jazz suddenly became allergic to paint. Take a look at the shot chart for the fourth quarter
  • Biggest reason for the win outside of Memo's 43? 37 free-throw attempts for the Jazz compared to just 19 for the Pacers.
  • I've tried to explain this before about Memo's shot but you can tell when he's on because there's a little bit more of a snap in his wrist at the end of his shot and just a little less arc. He did have a three that used the rest of the shot-clock to come down which he made. It just seems like when he floats them, they're not as likely to go in. I can't back that up with anything, just a general observation. If it's true, it kind of goes against physics (is is physics?) because a line-drive shot statistically should go in less than one that is lofted more. Correct me if I'm wrong (on either count).
  • I'm glad Korver's woulda-been three at the end of the third with .4 seconds on the clock didn't come back to haunt the Jazz.
  • With last night's win, the Jazz are now a season high 8 games over .500. The Jazz also move into the 8th spot, ½ game over Dallas. 2009 is shaping up a lot like 2008 in the west. I thought we'd see the decline of some teams, namely Dallas, PHX, and Denver. I never count out the damn Spurs. I figured the Jazz would move up. Then we got side-swiped by ankle sprains, quad sprains, bad backs, bad knees, golf carts, you name it. As a result, we have a carbon copy of last year where one team (Lakers) are way out in front and everyone else is clumped together. Right now only 2 games separate the 2 and 9 seed.
  • The Jazz have the second-best conference record at 15-4.
  • The Jazz are second in the conference in point differential at +4, giving up 97.9 while scoring 101.9. Since Deron's return, it's at 4.8 (104.2-99.4). Scoring is upon both sides. Of course, a couple of 2OT games and playing the likes of GSW & IND have helped with that. They're averaging 111 over the last 7 and giving up 100.
  • Here's your starting five that haven't missed a game due to injury:

o Ronnie Price - PG

o Morris Almond - SG

o Ronnie Brewer - SF

o Kosta Koufos - PF

o Kyrylo Fesenko - C

  • Who's more likely to get an invite to the All-Star game, Paul Millsap or Kosta Koufos to the Rookie/Sophmore game?

On to the links...

  • "I had one of our very own call me out last night via gchat. Ryne Nelson is not happy with the lack of Deron coverage. I've got to give it to him; he's loyal to his guy. As a ridiculously loyal fan myself, I respect that. Honestly, I just haven't caught a lot of Jazz games, but I saw that beauty 3 he hit at the end of the shot clock last night, to put the Jazz in in the final two minutes. That was picture perfect. I know Ryne was smiling." - SLAM Online. That's pretty much coverage of Deron and the Jazz in a nutshell.
  • "I think your thesis of the Jazz contending is an affliction that plagues many writers - they run out of good things to write about, come up with some cockamamie idea, and then proceed to defend the idea like it was two disgraced marines and you were Tom Cruise. It's like when I debate my coworkers that Cocktail was Tom's best work when you and both know in our heart of hearts that it was Top Gun." - VoreBlog
  • Guess who will be in the top 5?
  • Bad things > good things (basketball-wise).
  • Rick Fox travels through Utah on his way to D.C. and talks to the wrong guy. Good thing he didn't tell him he was a Laker or he might not have made it out of there.
  • "I thought we played great defense, Mike," O'Brien said. "I thought our defense was absolutely outstanding the whole second half. We held them to 39 percent the second, third and fourth quarter. I thought our defense was outstanding." - Indy Star
  • Instead of the Achilles heel, we get the Millsap Knee. Who knew that was the one week spot on Paul?
  • Want great seats at a Jazz game? Become a Utah lawmaker.