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Utah Jazz @ Los Angeles Lakers - Game Thread

Well, once the amazing Sugar Bowl game is over, make sure to switch to the Jazz game thread. Great night of sports if you're a Ute/Jazz fan.

Paul Millsap will be back (and Jarron Collins!). The Lakers are looking even more unbeatable than they did last year.

LA is not a good place for the youngsters to play. Ronnie Brewer admitted that it's easy to get caught up in the LALA Land atmosphere. Let's hope they've stayed on course for this game.

If the Jazz don't get blown out early, they should make a game of this. They have been playing great team ball as of late and I still think they have that underdog spirit and naivete. If they can play with that igorance and not get caught up in the hooplah, they'll be in good shape.

Game thread might be slow to start out. But look for it to pick up.