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A couple of evening notes of note

  • First, Larry H Miller had both legs amputated this morning about 6 inches below the knee.  I didn't hear anything about this, but he didn't attend the Jazz/Twolves game last Tuesday.  Diabetes is the leading cause of amputation of the lower appendages.  Scary stuff.  "Emotional acceptance of the amputation may take time, too."  That's got to be the worst.  Best of luck to Larry and prayers to him and his family.

    UPDATE:  BC7 beat me to it
  • Deron won't participate in the All-Star skills challenge.  But it sounds like he'd make the trip if he gets selected for the All-Star game.  He obviously could use the rest on his ankle.  The allure of playing in his first All-Star game would be too much to pass up though.
  • Mr Belding likes the Jazz?  Korver must hate going to Sundance.