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Not another mid-season report card - part 2


This next bunch could probably be argued in any which way.  You could put the names in a lottery drum and pull them out in any order and have it make sense.

I hope these rankings aren't influencing the voting.

Here's #10-#6

10 - Ronnie Price

Ronnie P isn't cut out to be a full-time floor general.  But he was forced into that role when Derrick Rose did his best Bowen impersonation on Deron.  I actually had planned on writing up this whole thing on Price about how he was better as a backup then as a starter.  Well, the numbers don't back that up at all.  In fact, the past two years as a backup have been horrendous.  I have no logical explanation for it.  It always seemed like he was decent.  He brings more some quickness and can dunk like Brevin Knight can only dream, but that's about it.  So the only reason I have him cut here is because I think we need the other players above him more.

9 - CJ Miles

Just a maddening, maddening player.  There is no questioning his athleticism and and sweet stroke.  Is there a streakier player though?  He has the wrong type of shooter mentality.  Instead of moving without the ball and trying to get his shot in the system, he daydreams when he can cradle that sweet, sweet rock in his hands, line up the seams, and catch the whiff of leather as the ball launches to the basket.  Here's a tip though.  You can also get that intoxicating aroma by rebounding and working in the system to get touches.  There's no need to go one-on-five.  Stop trying to do too much.  

8 - Kosta Koufos

Let me say, I love the Kouf.  I need the Kouf.  I have a fever and the only cure is more Kouf.  Not much to say here about the guy other than keep it up.  He still makes some rookie mistakes, but he's improving every game.  He's also the anti-Fess when it comes to interviews.  He has four answers that he rotates:  1.  We're just trying to win games.  2.  I'm just trying to work hard.  3.  We're taking things one game at a time.  4.  Yes, sir.

7 - Kyle Korver

Kyle is this high because of his three-point shooting (or at least the threat) and his free-throws (although Deron has almost passed him in %).  And there would be a lot of girls crying if he were gone before now.  He's not a lockdown defender by any means but he can still surprise you with his D at times.

6 - Ronnie Brewer

Ronnie B is in the starting 5 but doesn't quite crack the top 5.  Ronnie's shooting percentage is way down this year (56-49%).  The main reason for that is because he took Sloan's advice and has tried to add a more consistent jump shot, including more threes.  He took 50 shots all of last year from behind the arc and already has 48 attempts so far this year.  49% as more of a jump shooter though isn't too bad.  He still gets his dunks and layups on cuts, but the jumper is coming along.  Will he hone it enough though over the rest of the season to make defenders pay for doubling?

Coming up tomorrow, the top 5.  Coming up next, the Spurs game thread.