Ref Stats

I find that most Jazz fans on this blog tend to complain about the refs very little (compared to how much I do anyway).  This is probably a good thing - nobody likes the guy who blames every loss on the refs (not that I do - but my wife probably thinks I do based on how aggravated I get over the pathetic reffing jobs I've witnessed).

Anyway - I think there should be an official "+/-" stat for the refs.  By this I mean: for a given ref and a given team, what is the average +/- for the team while that ref is calling the game?  Then we can compare that to the team's overall average +/- and see which ref a team loves to get for a game.

I realize that the data is all out there and maybe even compiled?  But I'm just too lazy to find it or put it all together.  Still, I think it would be interesting to see these trends - especially over the entire career for the ref.  I realize that there are many factors involved so the stats for one season may not be a telling indication, but over a ref's entire career it may uncover some interesting things...

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