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The new Dynamic Duo?

I don't expect this vote to be much of a contest, but we'll put it up for a bit anyway. After blindsiding Boozer and Memo, Paul Millsap moved into the top two. You could definitely put up some arguments for him.

I'll leave this up for a bit and then post my final 5 rankings. Poll closes at 4.

15. Jarron Collins
14. Morris Almond
13. Matt Harpring - aka Tonya Harding
12. Brevin Knight
11. Kyrylo Fesenko
10. Ronnie Price
09. Kyle Korver
08. C.J. Miles
07. Kosta Koufos
06. Ronnie Brewer
05. Carlos Boozer
04. Andrei Kirilenko
03. Mehmet Okur
02. ???
01. ???