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The Downbeat - 12 October 2009 - #76 - The Non-Newspaper Internet Report Edition

1_mediumSo we've got a date for the Russell/Jordan rematch, i just don't think we have Jordan:

The rematch is scheduled to take place Dec. 7 at the McKay Events Center in Orem, Utah. Russell and Jordan are slated for a one-on-one game at the halftime of the first Flash home game of the season.

It sounds like everything is set up, but it doesn't sound like they've got Jordan committing just yet.  Check out the latest tweet from the Flash owner,

New offer. RT this: $1000 to the first person who films Michael Jordan being asked if he will accept the Utah Flash charity challenge.

Still don't think it's happening unfortunately.

2_medium  So now that the Jazz are back from their European Vacation, they'll start getting back to work.  The next game will be against intra-division rival Portland on Thursday at the ESA.

As most other sites have mentioned, it feels like a reboot of the pre-season.  Only four games left until the season kicks off on the 28th @ Denver.  Four games isn't a lot and we should start to see some gradual increase in minutes for the regulars and Sloan starting to set his rotation sans CJ.

We could also see pretty quickly who the Jazz are leaning towards signing by minutes played and maybe the first off the bench.  Looks like it's going to be down between Dupree and Matthews.  Remember fellas, PT is earned in practice in the Sloan system.

8_medium  Thanks to Sherbs for the heads up on this article in the DesNews about the whole KJZZ thing.  They referred to my post about it as a "non-newspaper Internet report."  Not quite sure what to think about that.  Maybe they needed to make their minimum word count?  Siler referred to it as a blog report.  I think I could make the tagline of, "The Official Non-Newspaper Internet Site of the Utah Jazz."

The only thing that bothered me a bit is that there was no mention of the name of the blog nor a link to said article.  When I comment on Siler's stuff or something from the Deseret News, I at least link to it.  Isn't it bad to just cite a "non-newspaper Internet report" when asking a question to the president of the Jazz?

4_medium  Amanda Hart will be stalking following Eric Maynor throughout the season with a photo essay of his rookie season.  There's some good behind-the-scenes stuff there.

5_medium  Do we owe thanks to Carmelo Anthony?  This is a bit old, but I missed this the first time I read it.  When talking about Boozer's wanting to stay in Utah, Fanhouse had the following,

While the team's latest star forward hasn't helped himself in any campaigns for there to be a Carlos Boozer Boulevard, he has admitted he "put my foot in my mouth a few times'' during the summer.

"I just told him to keep his mouth shut,'' said Denver forward Carmelo Anthony, Boozer's Olympic teammate in 2004 and 2008, about advice he has given to Boozer. "He said he learned his lesson the hard way.''

And this is why he should shut it, because everyone can see through this garbage,

"I love my situation here, No. 1,'' said Boozer, detailing his reasons for not opting out. "No. 2, I always feel I want to be here. No. 3, if you look at the economic market we had this summer, it wasn't as healthy as everybody had anticipated. But next summer, as a businessman, it will be much more healthier. So I was happy (to not opt out).''

Just be honest and tell everyone is was for reason #3.  Everyone knows you would have been gone had you been able to get that money elsewhere.

Let's hope that is indeed the last we hear of him outside of the game.